Double Sided Tape - 3 Meters (1 cm Wide) For Skin Wefts / Tape In Hair Extensions - Sydney Australia Dispatched for Local and Worldwide Delivery


    SKU: ATTECO010300WWR
    Type: Hair Extension Tool
    Sub Type: Hair Care
    Material: Urethane
    Brand / Collection: Hair Extension Worldwide
    Approx Length: 300 cm / 118.11 inches
    Approx Width: 1cm / 0.39 inches
    Quantity: 1 x 300 cm / 118.11 inches
    Approx. Weight: 10 grams / 0.35 oz
    Color Available: White
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Double sided hair extension tape is adhesive on both sides of tape. Used for skin weft (tape in hair extensions), hair pieces, wigs and other hair extension products. Use for reapplying skin wefts (tape in hair extensions) wigs and hair pieces.




> 1 cm (0.39 inch) wide

> 3 m (118.11 inch) long


    1. Place a piece of double-sided tape across the top of the forehead of the person receiving the hair extensions after she has put on a wig cap. The adhesive should hold the cap in place and make way for the extensions.
    2. Put another piece of double-sided tape along the hairline, overlapping the first piece of tape.
    3. Fold the lace part of the extensions so that it is hidden by hair, making for a more natural look when you add the extensions.
    4. Place the piece of folded lace over the double-sided tape on the forehead.
    5. Hold the front part of the hair extensions down over the forehead and pull down on the back of the extensions, tugging them securely into place over the back of the head.

    • Make sure the hair sandwiched between the weft is no thicker than the weft itself. The tape will need to show through the sandwiched hair so it can grasp the other tape.
    • Leave a little tape on each end without hair so that its tape on tape to ensure a good hold.
    • Do not wash or wet hair for the first 48 hours for best results.
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