Color Selection Help

We have 5 options available for you to choose the right colour:

Hair Extension Colour Option 1 - Make an Appointment to Visit Us Hair Extension Colour Option 2 - Complimentary Colour Analysis Hair Extension Colour Option 3 - Purchase a Colour Ring Hair Extension Colour Option 4 - Colour Ring on Loan Program Hair Extension Colour Option 5 - Free Colour Swatches and Colour Charts
Make an Appointment to Visit Us Complimentary Colour Analysis Purchase a Colour Ring Colour Ring on Loan Program Free Colour Swatches and Colour Charts

If you require any assistance on helping you match the right colour for your hair, please Contact Us using our online Contact Us form. We respond within 0 - 1 business day. If you require immediate help, call/SMS us on 0414 698 441 (International +61 414 698 441) during normal business hours (Sydney - Australia GMT +10) Monday - Friday between 10.00am and 6.00pm. 

Tips When Matching Colours

Tip 1: When selecting hair, it may be impossible to exactly match your hair. Your hair may not be naturally the same as the range of colours available from the chosen manufacturers colour range. The best approach is to match your hair either slightly lighter or darker then your hair to achieve a more natural look. The larger the colour variety provided by the manufacturer, the greater the chance of perfect colour matching.

Tip 2: Match the colour to the area of your head you are placing the hair extensions in. For example, for clip in hair extensions, match the hair colour between the top of your ears to the bottom of your current hair. Not the very top area of your head unless you're purchasing a product for the top of your head.

Tip 3: If you have the time, the most accurate ways to match hair colour in order of best to worst is: Option 1 to Option 5. Even the best camera in the world will never show true natural colour within a photo. Time of the day and lighting will always make hair colour appear different in shades.

Tip 4: You can get amazing natural results by purchasing 2 different shades/colours of hair instead of one. We do not mean purchase a colour blend, but purchase 2 different packages of hair with different shades. Ideal tip if you currently have multi coloured hair shades in your hair.

OPTION 1 - Make an appointment to visit us in Newcastle

If you are a local resident in Newcastle - Australia, you can make an appointment to visit us. Simply contact our Customer Support line by phone or email us. Matching your hair directly against the product is the best option for perfect colour matching.


OPTION 2 - Free Complimentary Colour Hair Anaylsis (Send us a piece of your hair)

If you have the time, send us approximately 3 cm thick piece of your own hair or hair from your favourite hair extension / peice and let our hair colour specialist find the perfect colour for you. Simply sticky tape one end of you hair sample and mail it to us using our downloadable form.

You can download and complete the form below and send us or hair sample.


If you can not open this download form file, you need to install Adobe Reader.

Alternatively you can hand write on a piece of paper and attach you hair with the following details:

First Name:


Email address:

Telephone No: (include International code outside Australia)

Delivery address: (include your country)

Comments: (any comments. Please complete a hair colour analysis and .....)


You then need to send your hair sample to:

Hair Extensions Worldwide Pty Ltd

Colour Analysis Department

5 Nott Street

Newcastle NSW 2291


TIP: To speed up delivery of your order, you can also complete payment online now (select an approximent colour on checkout. Then email us immediately after checkout and advise that you are sending us a hair sample).

We will not send out your order until you are happy with our hair colour match selection provided.

OPTION 3 - Purchase our Colour Ring

We have very afforable hair colour rings available for sale. If you are a regular hair extension user or a stylista who regulary changes hair colour and style, then a hair ring is a must. They're also fun to use with friends and family who also have regular hair colour and style changes like celebrities. Use the colour wheel and match the colour number with the product colour number.

OPTION 4 - Colour Ring Loan Program

If you don't want to buy a colour ring, we are happy for you to have a loan of our loan colour rings. You just need to pay a holding deposit and pay for return postage. We provide free standard postage to your address. We can also express post for a small additional cost. Just return the colour wheel within 7 days of receipt of colour ring or longer for those overseas.  We then refund your deposit within 1 - 2 business days.

If you want to keep the colour ring, you can.  If you do not return colour ring within 14 days, your deposit then pays for the colour ring.


Here are the Instructions for our Colour Ring Loan Program:

1. Select a colour ring from the brand of hair extension you desire (recommended to ensure more accurate colour match) or one of our standard colour rings.

2. Pay for the colour ring using one of our payment methods (this transaction is the deposit payment).

3. Return the colour ring before 7 days on receipt together with a hand written note with the following information:

First Name:




Initial Payment was made by: <Paypal, Bank Deposit etc>

Comment: Return of Loan Colour Ring

Refund Payment: <insert bank account details if paid by bank deposit, cheque or money order. Other payment methods will be refunded back through Paypal etc)

Ensure you return the colour ring complete with all colours. Upon return, colour ring swatches are countered before refund.


OPTION 5 - Use our online Colour Charts / Swatches

Colour charts or colour swatches are shown on product description pages which have colour selection options. Select the product and then select the colour to see a larger image of the colour available. Some products may also have large downloadable chart charts/swatches available to download from the product description page.

Free Unlimited Colour Exchange Program

If the colour you select is not an accurate match, we offer a free unlimited exchange program to customers. For more information read our Exchange Policy.